IAPB Vision Atlas

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The IAPB Vision Atlas website is a compilation of the latest data and evidence relevant to all those who believe that in the 21st Century no one should have to live with avoidable blindness or sight loss – from eye conditions many of which can be easily treated or prevented and for which cost-effective solutions are readily available.

Year: 2016

Client: IAPB (Crafted @ Red Giant)

IAPB Vision Atlas

Eye health related websites don’t need to be boring and full of tabular data. That was the initial spark that ignited the current IAPB Vision Atlas website. The homework was to take IAPB’s documents and find the best way to present years of research. A lot of team work was involved in this project, but the final product was stunning: a responsive website that is more than capable to help any interested visitor understand the complexity of the eye health world.

There’s a little bit for everybody in the IAPB Vision Atlas website. You can start your journey by discovering the ocular structure with the help of an animated slider, continuing with the comparison of a healthy vision versus one affected by an eye condition, exploring the world of eye health from a different perspective, moving to smart tabular data and then enjoying some interactive charts and animated infographics, all created with one thing in mind: user experience.

IAPB Vision Atlas web development


“ The (IAPB Vision Atlas) launch went Really well, everyone afterwards saying how great it looks and what a great resource is. Thank you everyone so much! ”

Chief Executive Officer, IAPB
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