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From the Australian magic hills to the markets of Shanghai, Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer meet wine makers from around the globe, all sharing a passion for the world’s most captivating drink. The team travelled to 12 different countries on six continents, bringing back great wine stories. Throughout the show, Joe challenges Hollywood actors, Matthew Goode (Downtown Abbey / Imitation Game) and Matthew Rhys (The Americans / Brothers & Sisters) to find 12 wines that create a case which captures the spirit of Italy, one of the world’s greatest wine producing countries.

Launch Year: 2016

Client: Infinity Creative Media (Crafted @ Red Giant)

The Wine Show

I knew from the first episode The Wine Show would become popular. The Guardian describes it as “…actually quite good. It is, in essence, somewhere between a Countryfile and a Top Gear for booze. The production values are astonishing.” The thirteen-part series from Infinity Creative Media was initially launched on ITV and ITV4 in the UK. It later became available to the US public on HULU and even reached Australian shores with the help of Lifestyle Food channel.

The Wine Show website is a mix between a presentational website and an online store. Visitors can read more about the show, its presenters and the featured wines. The unique feature of the website is given by the filterable wine section containing the entire collection of featured and recommended wines from the show, which can be purchased using the “Buy” button. Integration with The Wine Show’s Amazon Seller account was required by the client in order to create the purchasing experience as easy and trustworthy as possible. Available filters from the wine collection helps visitors to quickly find and purchase the wine that raised an interest in their curiosity. In each episode, wine experts Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer, along with the show presenters, Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys present us the latest wine gadgets in action. If their demos convinced you to want one gadget for yourself or give it as a present, there are direct buy links available on the website.

The success of the first series is leading to the second one, which will soon be available on TV. Stay up to date with The Wine Show’s latest news by subscribing to the newsletter and you will find out when the next season is out. You will receive an email with a template I’m familiar with (guess who built it ).

The Wine Show web design


“ The website’s simple navigation and intuitive functionality unquestionably contributed to the show’s success. ”

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